1. Xbox One Adds Three Backwards Compatible Games

    Microsoft has been rolling out backwards compatible games for Xbox One on a near-weekly basis, and that continues this week with another new batch of BC titles. Three more Xbox 360 games are now playable on the current-gen console, and this time, they all hail from Crytek's critically acclaimed first-person shooter series, Crysis.
  2. Destiny 2 Patch Notes For Update 2.0.4 Detail What's New

    It's a big day for Destiny 2, as Bungie is releasing a significant update alongside the launch of two events: Iron Banner and Festival of the Lost. In terms of the update, it introduces a variety of welcome changes and fixes, and it's good news for scout rifle users, Iron Banner fans, and players who are sick of Edge Transit. Here's what's new.
  3. Pokemon Go's Gen 4 Pokemon Now Available

    A new generation of Pokemon has now arrived in Pokemon Go. Following the game's latest update, which began rolling out to devices last week, Pokemon originally introduced in the Sinnoh region--the setting of the series' fourth-generation titles, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum--have started to appear in the wild, giving you a whole new slate of pocket monsters to catch.
  4. Fortnite Update 6.10 Patch Notes: Quadcrasher Added, Port-a-Fortress Disabled, And More

    Epic Games has released the patch notes for Fornite's 6.10 update, which is rolling out on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android now. The major new addition to the Battle Royale mode is the Quadcrasher, a two-seater vehicle that has a boost function.
  5. New Free Xbox One Games With Gold Are Now Available

    The middle of October has arrived, which means Xbox Live Gold subscribers can head to the Microsoft Store to download two new games for free. The titles in question are the Xbox One game Victor Vran and Xbox 360's Hitman: Blood Money. Those ought to tide you over until the next game you want to play comes out.